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Meadowbrook RNG Facility to be Built in Dunmore

(April 18, 2018) DUNMORE, Pa. – Dunmore Borough and Meadowbrook Energy LLC jointly announced today that Meadowbrook’s proposed renewable natural gas (RNG) facility will be built in Dunmore.

The Borough of Dunmore has determined the environmental advantages of the Meadowbrook RNG facility are important and that the Meadowbrook facility will bring jobs to the area, have a positive impact on the local environment and increase the tax base. The new site is located in the Keystone Industrial Park and much of the infrastructure necessary to support the Meadowbrook RNG facility is already in place.

“We are pleased to be locating the RNG facility in the Keystone Industrial Park,” stated Randy Holmes, president and CEO of Meadowbrook Energy. “As an existing industrial park, it offers a favorable zoning climate and has sufficient space to accommodate the new Meadowbrook RNG plant as designed.”

Meadowbrook estimates that more than 100 construction jobs will be created in Dunmore during the construction period, and once complete, the facility will employ 15-20 full-time equivalent professional support staff. The facility will cost an estimated $100 million and is expected to be operational in the second half of 2019.

Meadowbrook Energy Plans to Locate in Throop

(January 30, 2018) THROOP, Pa. – Meadowbrook Energy LLC (“Meadowbrook”) announced today the company’s preliminary plans to build a facility in Throop, Pa. in an industrial zone adjacent to UGI’s Marshwood Road station. According to Randy Holmes, CEO and president of Meadowbrook, “the $100 million project will process biogas from a nearby landfill into pipeline-quality natural gas and inject that gas into the existing UGI natural gas pipeline. Since the gas produced by the Meadowbrook facility is "sourced from biological feedstock and is not derived from fossil fuels,” explains Mr. Holmes, “it is referred to as ‘renewable natural gas,’ or RNG.”

The Meadowbrook facility will improve local air emissions by reducing the amount of biogas that is currently being combusted in the Mid-Valley region. The Meadowbrook facility will also improve air emissions on a national level since the renewable natural gas produced by the facility will be used to displace the equivalent of approximately 26 million gallons of gasoline currently being burned in transportation vehicles. 

Meadowbrook, a privately held company, estimates more than 100 local union jobs will be created during construction and, once completed, will require approximately 15-20 full-time equivalent professional support staff. The new facility is anticipated to be completed in the second half of 2019.


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